My memory takes me back to the year 1967 when i joined as couple member at Salem IMA along with my husband DR. S. Sampath. I had been a member for more than half of the Platinum Jubilee years of Salem IMA, and I am proud to be a part of this old and fabulous Association with its illustrious State Presidents and Branch Presidents and members who have joined together to bring name and fame to this "Great Branch" of Tamil Nadu State IMA.Salem IMA was born in 1932 due to the enthusiasm and energy of Capt. Dr. Madhavan Naik, the then Asst Dist Medical Officer, Salem.

We owe our eternal gratitude to his brain wave. He played host to the first Historic meeting at his residence, He was instrumental in the birth of this Assocation and we pay our humble homage to this soul. Major N.K. Bal, the DMO had the distinction of being the first President and Dr. H. Srinivasiah the first Secretary.

The next secretary was Dr. K. Ramanathan who raised the first building fund of Rs.1200, which he collected from holding a benefit Circus performance and which formed the nucleus of our Building Fund. After Major N.K. Bal, a galaxy of illustrious presidents like Major Alagappa of INA fame, col. Sangamalal, Dr. Anantayya followed by Capt. Dayamandra Rao held the post till1943 when the British Government imposed a ban on all Associations and even IMA had to be closed.

Then, all the government medical officers resigned from the Association. Dr. K.Ramanathan had the unique distinction of being the first non offical president in 1943. The association's dark period followed from 1944 to 1947. In 1947,in the wake of independence, we too made a trust with destiny, and Dr. B. A.Rajarthinam became the first President and Dr. S.R.Rajaram the first secretary after the dark era of salem IMA. The meetings were conducter in Foulkes hall which was the old District Board Hall. Dr. Krishnamoorthy Ral, Dr. K.R.Hariharan, Dr. P.S.Ramasamy and Dr. O.C Madhavan all carried the torch of Salem IMA as Presidents. The Year 1955 paved the way for our Salem IMA members to go the State and Central HQ level. When Dr. S. Krishnamoorthy Rao was the President, Salem IMA played the host for Madras State IMA conference at Rathna Studios.

The year 1957 was the Silver jubilee year of the Salem Branch when Dr. S.R.Rajaram was the President and Dr. S. Arthanari was the Secretary. It was in that year the Salem IMA bought more thean an acre of land and Dr. D.V.Venkatappa, our old guard, the then president of the central IMA, laid the foundation stone for IMA Hall. Later, Dr. S.Sundaram was the President for three consecutive years and Dr. K.Jayaramachandran for the next four years and Dr. Mahadevan for the year 1966. The two members we can not afford to forget are Dr. K.V.Dhanakoti Naidu who was our Treasurer for many years with an apt name; Dana Synonymous with money and kodi meaning crores and Dr. S. Valeeswaran who published seven souvenirs and collected Rs.7000 for building fund.

In the year 1967, when the State Conference was conducted at Salem, the campus was barren. The need for a meeting hall was keenly felt. The Meetings were then held in the Verandas of Government Hospital and latter in the Library hall of Sri Vijayaragavachariar Memorial Hall. As the membership grew to nearly 200, the hall was not sufficient enough. Contributions from all the members of Salem IMA paved way for the construction of the present hall, which was opened by the Honorable Thiru Nedunchezhian the minister for Health for Tamilnadu State. We added the dinning hal, the guest room and the kitchen later.

Dr. J. Sugavanam and Dr. S. Ramadoss were instrumental in keeping the SIMA lamp shining bright by their contributions to the land, building and IMA in general. Various land mark resolutions had been Passed by the EC and GB of Salem IMA like, Opposition to more Medical Colleges, lmposition of compulsory rural health service for all doctors and Eradication of Quackery, raising the retirement age of Professors in Medical Colleges so that the service of experienced teachers could be utilized for more number of years, allotment of seats to Backward & Scheduled Caste, protest against registering the unqualified which would give legal sanction to quackery.

The 42nd TN State Medical conference was conducted when Dr. A.R. Saraswathy was the Chair person and Dr. C.N. Mohanavale was the Secretary. Rs.88,500 was collected towards donation. The 45th State Medical Conference was conducted when Dr. M.Kumaravel was the chairperson and Dr. Dinakar Rajarathinam was the Secretary Rs.1,10,000 was collected as donation.The 57th TN State Medical Conference ws organized in the year 2003 when Dr. Chitra Sampath was the chairperson and Dr. P.Chellammal was the Secretary. Rs.5,30,000 was collected as donation.

In addition to all these activities, salem IMA is also involved in community and social service activities.Immunization is being done every 3rd Sunday benefiting many children. Medical camps are being conducted in villages and schools regularly. Salem IMA members take active part in medical camps conducted by Rotary and Lions club.

All the national Health days like TB day, Anti Tobacco day, Breast Milk week, AIDS day, Blood donation day, eye donation day are being conducted every year in Salem IMA. National days like independence day, Republic day are being celebrated enthusiastically. Illustrious members of our Association have been leaders at State level. Dr. Jayaramachandran, Dr. S.Ramadoss, Dr.J. Sugaavanam, Dr. K.Janagiraman, Dr. R.M. Krishnan and Dr. M. Thirunavukarasu have all been at the helm of State ImA and have brought name and fame to our Association. Our members have been active at central headquarters level too. Dr. K. Janakiraman had been the National Vice president.

Monthly academic activities like guest lectures, CME programmes, seminars and symposia are the highlights of our association. Family get-togethers are a regular feature of salem IMA. The spouse and children of Salem IMA members meet every month and have fun and games and also hear useful lectures. We have received various awards of State and Centre for our activities. Now our membership has grown astonishingly to 100. The year, 2007, was the platinum jubilee of salem IMA and was celebrated in a grand manner with Dr. P. Chellammal as the president and Dr.V.O.S.Kalaimohan as the Secretary and Dr.Manivanan as the Treasurser. We had CPR Training, Cultural competion for Paramedical college students, pattimanram, which witnessed theactive participation of doctors in debates and the cme programme had a galaxy of speakers from various parts of Tamilnadu. The celebrations concluded with the past state presidents and other distinguished members from the state IMA being honoured for their ervices.Honorable Minister Mr. Veerapandi Arumugam was the chief guest and our Worshipful Mayor. Smt. Radhika Priyadarshini and other distinguished members from the state IMA were present.

This is my compilation of the "Great History of Salem IMA" from the various boards and slabs in Salem IMA. I have taken due care to enumerate the names of past Presidents and activities of Salem IMA in this article. Omissions and commissions may kindly be pardoned.

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